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Daniel Price

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angstrom, atomic_mass_unit, au, avogadro, c, ceresm, cgsmu0, cm, cross_section_h2_cgs, days, earthm, earthr, ev, evtok, finestr, fourpi, gg, gram, hours, jupiterm, jupiterr, kb_on_mh, kboltz, km, kpc, ly, mass_electron_cgs, mass_proton_cgs, micron, minutes, mm, mpc, nm, patm, pc, piontwo, planckh, planckhbar, qe, radconst, rg, ro, roottwo, rpiontwo, seconds, solarl, solarm, solarr, steboltz, thomcs, twopi, years


  • physcon/angstrom [real,parameter=1.d-8]

    Angstrom cm

  • physcon/atomic_mass_unit [real,parameter=1.660538921d-24]

    Atomic mass unit g

  • physcon/au [real,parameter=1.496d13]

    Astronomical unit cm

  • physcon/avogadro [real,parameter=6.0221408577d23]

    Avogadro’s number mole^-1

  • physcon/c [real,parameter=2.997924d10]

    Speed of light cm/s

  • physcon/ceresm [real,parameter=8.958d23]

    Mass of Ceres g

  • physcon/cgsmu0 [real,parameter=32.0]
  • physcon/cm [real,parameter=1.d0]

    Centimetre cm

  • physcon/cross_section_h2_cgs [real,parameter=2.367d-15]

    Hydrogen molecule cs cm^-2

  • physcon/days [real,parameter=8.64d4]
  • physcon/deg_to_rad [real,parameter=0.044444444444444446]
  • physcon/earthm [real,parameter=5.979d27]

    Mass of the Earth g

  • physcon/earthr [real,parameter=6.371315d8]

    Radius of the Earth cm

  • physcon/ev [real,parameter=1.60219d-12]

    electron volt erg

  • physcon/evtok [real,parameter=1.1604519d4]

    Degrees kelvin per eV K/eV

  • physcon/finestr [real,parameter=7.2974d-3]

    Fine structure constant unitless

  • physcon/fourpi [real,parameter=12.5663706144d0]
  • physcon/gg [real,parameter=6.672041d-8]

    Gravitational constant dyn cm^2 g^-2

  • physcon/gram [real,parameter=1.d0]
  • physcon/hours [real,parameter=3.6d3]
  • physcon/jupiterm [real,parameter=1.89813d30]

    Mass of Jupiter g

  • physcon/jupiterr [real,parameter=7149200000.0]

    Equatorial radius Jupiter cm

  • physcon/kb_on_mh [real,parameter=1.0]
  • physcon/kboltz [real,parameter=1.38066d-16]

    Boltzmann constant erg/K

  • physcon/km [real,parameter=1.d5]

    Kilometer cm

  • physcon/kpc [real,parameter=3.086d21]

    Kiloparsec cm

  • physcon/ly [real,parameter=9.4605d17]

    Light year cm

  • physcon/mass_electron_cgs [real,parameter=9.10938291d-28]

    Electron mass g

  • physcon/mass_proton_cgs [real,parameter=1.67262158d-24]

    kB/m_H erg/K/g

  • physcon/micron [real,parameter=1.d-4]

    Micron cm

  • physcon/minutes [real,parameter=6.0d1]
  • physcon/mm [real,parameter=0.1d0]

    Millimetre cm

  • physcon/mpc [real,parameter=3.086d24]

    Megaparsec cm

  • physcon/nm [real,parameter=1.d-7]

    Nanometre cm

  • physcon/patm [real,parameter=1.013250d6]

    Standard atmospheric pressure in cgs

  • physcon/pc [real,parameter=3.086d18]

    Parsec cm

  • physcon/pi [real,parameter=3.1415926536d0]
  • physcon/piontwo [real,parameter=1.5707963268d0]
  • physcon/planckh [real,parameter=6.6260755d-27]

    Planck’s Constant erg.s

  • physcon/planckhbar [real,parameter=1.05457266d-27]

    Planck’s Constant/(2pi) erg.s

  • physcon/qe [real,parameter=4.8032068d-10]

    charge on electron esu

  • physcon/radconst [real,parameter=7.5646d-15]

    Radiation constant erg cm^-3 K^-4

  • physcon/rg [real,parameter=8.31446261815324d7]

    Gas constant erg/K/g

  • physcon/ro [real,parameter=3.0]

    Rossby number without dimension

  • physcon/roottwo [real,parameter=1.4142135624d0]
  • physcon/rpiontwo [real,parameter=1.2533141373d0]

    square root of (Pi/2)

  • physcon/seconds [real,parameter=1.d0]
  • physcon/solarl [real,parameter=3.9d33]

    Luminosity of the Sun erg/s

  • physcon/solarm [real,parameter=1.9891d33]

    Mass of the Sun g

  • physcon/solarr [real,parameter=6.959500d10]

    Radius of the Sun cm

  • physcon/steboltz [real,parameter=5.67051d-5]

    Stefan-Boltzmann constant erg cm^-2K^-4 s^-1

  • physcon/thomcs [real,parameter=6.6525d-25]

    Thomson cross section cm^2

  • physcon/twopi [real,parameter=6.2831853072d0]
  • physcon/years [real,parameter=3.1556926d7]