Running the dust settling test

This test is described in Price & Laibe 2015

Set up the problem as usual with SETUP=dustsettle:

mkdir runs/dustsettle
cd runs/dustsettle
~/phantom/scripts/ dustsettle > Makefile
make setup
make moddump

To run the test you first need to relax the disc atmosphere:

./phantomsetup relax

I recommend you do NOT add dust at this stage (i.e. set dtg=0). Just run the relaxation with gas only:


PL15 recommended you relax the disc for ~15 orbits. By default each dump file is output every 0.1 orbits, so 15 orbits corresponds to dump file number 150.

Then use moddump to add dust:

./phantommoddump relax_00150 disc_00000 0.

and run the dust settling test:


If you keep the same dtmax as in then every 10 orbits corresponds to disc_00100, disc_00200 etc. which are the times shown in Figures 7-9 of the PL15 paper.