Using phantom on macOS

It is not recommended to perform 3D simulations on a laptop, but it can be useful to install phantom in this manner for editing and debugging code and for simple testing.

Software requirements

You will need:

The easiest way to install the last three is to first install either Homebrew or Macports. Using homebrew you can simply type:

brew tap danieljprice/all
brew install splash

This will automatically install the gfortran compiler and the Xcode command line tools if you haven’t already got them.

How to install phantom

Once you have the above, you can just follow the regular getting started guide.

Issue: Sometimes if you installed gfortran from binary (which installs to /usr/local/bin) you can get a clash with the copy of `as’ installed by Macports (in /opt/local/bin), giving some problem like:

FATAL:/opt/local/bin/../libexec/as/x86_64/as: I don’t understand ‘m’ flag

Solution: Delete or move the `as’ binary installed by Macports:

cd /opt/local/bin
sudo mv as as-bak